West Chester Growers Market
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Queens Farm
Xiuqin Qin & Zuohong Ed Yin
2069 W. Street Road
West Chester, PA 19382


Melons: bitter melon, luffa (shi gua), winter melon, muskmelon, Chinese pumpkin, Chinese cucumber, watermelon, gourd and snake gourd

Peas and Beans: long bean, flat pea, snow pea, green bean, fava bean and soy bean

Green Leaf Vegetables: shungiku (Ton Hao), pac choi, minutina, mustard green, ta chai, Chinese lettuce, Chinese celery, Chinese cabbage, green garlic, chives, mint and dill (xiao hui xiang)

Others: red calaloo (amaranth, hon xian cai), hon chai tai, kohlrabi (pie nan), peppers, tomatoes, Chinese eggplant, valentine, daikon, sweet corn and peanuts

We started our vegetable farm in 2003 on three acres of land in our yard because we found that it was very inconvenient to purchase oriental vegetables in the region. Our farm has attracted many Asian people and local community since it was started.

This year we purchased 34 acres of farmland for growing vegetables. We now have about 100 varieties of oriental vegetables.